L’Epée’s Space Clock is a horological call to interstellar cooperation

Space Clock is a playful animated creation combining space exploration with the fundamental human need for connection! We have long been captivated by space exploration and boldly going where no man has gone before. It’s a fascination encapsulated by L’Epée 1839’s new Space Clock. Inspired in shape by the historic lunar landers from NASA, the Space Clock’s aluminium body houses an eight-day movement driving a mechanical animation underneath the dome of the ship. Capturing the spirit of interplanetary adventure as a machine designed to fly among the stars, it also seeks to remind us all just how human we are.

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The playful seesaw animation on the top of the fuselage depicts a scene of child-like innocence, two astronauts gleefully bouncing and spinning around, working together and having a blast. A different configuration finds an interspecies pair as an astronaut and alien face each other still another configuration depicts a flying saucer and fighter jet flying around under the dome.

Independent of the time indication, the animation conveys ideas and ideals. Showcasing the alien and astronaut transports us back to our childhood adventures, to those dreams of exciting exploration through space searching for exotic lifeforms. And as we all had different dreams when young, L’Epée offers three different configurations of intergalactic journeys, with the choice of traveling with our best friend, our new alien friend, or in a fast jet and UFO.

Space Clock thematically links a century of human exploration into space with details crucial for a mission to the stars. Underneath the main body are mounted three propulsion engines for manoeuvring off a new planet, an anemometer for taking measurements of the wind of any atmosphere, a satellite communications dish, and a symbol of human exploration, a flag.

The clock rests on three outrigger legs perfect for setting down in soft or rocky terrain, and the body has plenty of windows and portholes for observation as you explore space. Time setting and winding are accomplished via two portholes opposite the window into the beating heart of the caliber 1853.BAS.

Space is the ultimate adventure for humanity as we grow from our humble beginnings. But L’Epée 1839 wants us to retain that wonder and innocence of a child and remember we can accomplish great things. Space Clock proposes that ideal ambassadors in space or at home may just be the children we seek to emulate as they exhibit the best of human nature: curiosity, compassion, and wonder.

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The entire lander body and leg structure are in aluminium - just like the actual lunar lander. To maintain lightness and portability it borrows from aerospace engineering and uses structural lightening in the outrigger legs, the seesaw structure, and the fuselage body.

The clock is very stable thanks to the large brass landing pads at the bottom of the outriggers, which are diamond polished and available in palladium or gold plating. The clock features a variety of finishes including satin blasted, polished, brushed, painted and anodized, as well as hand painting on the characters riding the seesaw. The astronauts, aliens, UFO, and fighter jets are all meticulously hand painted for added details.

On the bottom of the lander body are the scientific instruments and propulsion with stainless steel engine nozzles, anodized satellite dish and anemometer, as well as the black PVD “L’Epee 1839” flag of peace and exploration. Inside the fuselage is the custom 8-day caliber 1853.BAS designed to fit inside the Space Clock and developed to drive the mechanical seesaw animation.

The figures seesaw back and forth every 20 seconds taking 40 seconds for a full cycle. As the figures rise and fall thanks to their cooperation in play, the entire seesaw rotates counter-clockwise along a central axis, completing one rotation every 10 minutes.

Just below the upper observation deck, underneath a large mineral glass observation dome, where astronauts and aliens play together, the time is displayed on two anodized and laser engraved cylinders. The minutes pass by quickly on the top level while the hours creep by below. But when you are playing with a seesaw on a spaceship, time really flies when you are having fun.

Space Clock comes in three main configurations based on the figures highlighted under the dome. For international cooperation there is an animation with two astronauts of earth, for interstellar cooperation there is an animation with an astronaut and a space alien, and for those that love aerospace above all else, the final configuration sees a fighter jet and a UFO flying around the observation deck.

Playful seesaw animation under a mineral glass dome

Propultion engines, anemometer, satellite communications dish, flag

Time displayed on two laser engraved cylinders

Time setting and winding via two portholes



Limited edition of 100 pieces in each of three configurations: 

Astronaut/Astronaut, Astronaut/Alien, and Fighter Jet/Flying Saucer


Digital hours and minutes are displayed on continuously rotating aluminium cylinders with engraved numerals and markings
Mechanical seesaw automaton displays rotating and oscillating figures underneath a glass dome 
Time setting and winding is accomplished with a key via portholes on the side of the fuselage; time setting on the second level of the movement, winding on the lower.
Number of components: 364


L’Épée 1839 caliber 1853.BAS designed and manufactured in-house
Multilevel vertical architecture
Balance frequency: 2.5 Hz / 18,000 vibrations/h
27 jewels
Incabloc shock protection system
Power reserve: 8 days, one barrel


Dimensions: 257 mm diameter - 12 faces: 145 mm height; 281 mm total height

Weight: 3.4 Kg


Palladium-plated brass
Stainless steel
Anodized aluminum 
Finish: polished, satin brushed, sandblasted, anodized, palladium plating




Light Grey - Human to Alien

23'625.- CHF excl. VAT / Made to Order / Lead Time 4 weeks



Black - Jet to Spaceship

23'625.- CHF excl. VAT / Made to Order / Lead Time 4 weeks



Blue - Human to Human

23'625.- CHF excl. VAT / Made to Order / Lead Time 4 weeks